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Self  Employment – Business Opportunity

Get an opportunity for self-employment and create your own business working with the best suppliers and the best advice from anywhere in the world. Success assured.

Start your own business with all the benefits of the system of self-employment and social franchise hand in hand with

– Reduce risk and uncertainty because it is a project that has been proven successful.

– Benefit from the best suppliers in China without having to make any effort because the franchise deals with that matter. You will have the best possible product catalog.

– Receive ongoing training and support. Any questions or need will be taken care of in the shortest possible time.

– Receive ongoing support from the management, marketing, information technology, accounting and finance teams. offers the possibility of achieving a self-employment opportunity  joining an extensive network of partners through the following projects:

Distribute high-performance LEDs to all kinds of customers in offices, restaurants, shops, etc.,led_bulbs replacing traditional lighting offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to get started in self-employment more easily and simply, drawing on the experience and structure, successfully tested by others. is a guarantee of success because it has the best suppliers of LEDs from China’s factories themselves, has a wide catalog with the best prices, the best quality in all its products and the best possible guarantee.

Led technology is a great business opportunity and with a  future, as it is able to save on the electricity bill up to 80% , offering similar light with a much lower power than conventional bulbs, which makes for any premises or establishment, bar, office, business, home, community, neighborhood, etc. a very interesting product. All these data are supported and demonstrated in real cases.

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  • Distribute state of the art mobile at very low pricesmovil

Who would not like to have a great Samsung S4 or I phone 5 open, paying between 16% to 20% of the price at which they sell it the big communications companies?

Well, this is what we offer from In the case of Samsung S4, is called HDC i9500 Galaxy S4 and in the case of the iPhone 5, the model is called Hero H2000 +.  They are about the successful Chinese versions of these next generation mobiles.

Both models stand out for their performance and quality.

If you want to see its features read here or if you are interested click here

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