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Payment Methods, Delivery and Returns

You never had it easier to change to led lighting your home, office, retail, restaurant, .. and start saving on the power bill.

Seize the opportunity which offer, a financing opportunity with postponed deadline so that you do not pay now, but you may pay with what you save on the power bill in a 2-6 month period. After this, all are the benefits for you.


Payment Methods.

We have the following payment methods:

–          Bank Transfer. It is done through the POS system with ESC (Electronic Commerce Security) of the bank account. Our administrative department will check the bank confirmation of the transfer.

–          Paypal. When making a purchase with PayPal, you will never share your financial data. Besides, we can protect your purchases with Purchase Protection program. Link your debit card, credit or bank account to your PayPal account and choose in each payment of funds which source you want to use, without worrying if you have balance in your PayPal account. More information

Add in “Special Instructions to the seller” once you have entered your bank details, the product you want to buy and the quantity.

–          Western Union. Send money via the Internet or an agent, and the recipient can withdraw it at any participating Agent locations in the world, conveniently and easily. More information

The transaction W / U is performed: NAME: ASHOK SURNAME: Purohit PANIA.


Deliveries are made via the following courier companies: DHL, UPS or EMS (express post).

The delivery time is from 5 to 7 business days.



LEDs are guaranteed for 12 months.

In case of malfunction, LEDs must be sent to the factory to verify the problem and change the product.

Pay with what you save on bill of 2-6 months.

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