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Imports from China. We are international consultant specialized in Import from China and Export to China, established in China since 1999 with headquarters in Europe and Commercial agents in all countries of the world.

Our costumers are companies of any country in the world, wishing to establish business relations with Chinese companies wishing to expand their business relations with companies or suppliers from anywhere in the world.

fabricapersonas5Our main characteristic is that we only charge customers who are interested in our services, not the companies that subsequently contacted, this allow us to complete transparency in business and the ability to always get the best and most satisfactory agreements for our clients.

Our Services:
Search as local buyers, buying directly from the factory, thus avoiding speculation on costs, thus achieving the best prices on the final purchase and avoid middlemen.

Business reports on Chinese companies.


Put in direct contact to the factories with buyers, suppliers, facilitating translations, meeting points in Chinese factories, etc.

Total and absolute control in manufacturing processes, including analysis and reporting of quality themselves.

Finding and hiring the most appropriate transport, as well as the related insurance and all customs and bureaucratic procedures involved.

Control in shipments, photographing or sending through the Internet found the whole process including the sealing of containers.



Monitoring of the goods to final delivery.

About Us. Our team is composed by:

The Bosses:

 Ashok Purohit – References Antonio VillenaReferences
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