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Common problems to import in China

It is absolutely necessary to prevent fraud, misunderstanding and common problems, as once occurred have no solution.

The usual target are SMEs (small scale companies), as they have less experience in International trade. Facing a large company carries more risk for fraudsters.

A foreign company decides to buy products in China and embarks on by Internet search provider. Most factories in China are medium or small, which prevents them from entering the International market. In addition, they find it impossible to compete with intermediaries for lack of means. Therefore, when a foreign company trying to engage Internet negotiations with a Chinese manufacturer, most probably end up talking to a broker or a crook undercover.

Knowing the importance of visual impact in China is not saved in the web design. That, plus the high technology available results that offers as a high web-page design with some impressive catalogs that shows the high quality of Chinese products presented. But it is quite possible that this is done to attract the buyer who values ​​the web as guide to purchases,
or a reflection of the company itself. It can actually be involved as a factory un- known even in the domestic Chinese market. And China made ​​goods, in case you order, the best thing that can happen is that the factory was supposed to buy it from its competitors, or just in a shop next door with the money requested from the Importer as earnest money.

Needless to say, the problems of quality, make ​​modifications and requested items, etc .

The contract with the supplier and or factory must comply with China’s legal system and anticipate possible setbacks. Above all, do not disburse if it is not enough secured.

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