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Common Problems manufacturing in China

Take, for example, a simple matter at first sight, as is the packaging.

It is usual to insert the customer’s logo and the details in Spanish. During the negotiations of purchases Chinese supplier’s response to these requests will always be “Yes” or “OK” or “No problem”.

Be careful: bad translation in Chinese factory can play tricks. Well known are the errors in the descriptions of the products of China, for example:

“Kitchen multipurpose fruit juice”: translation to a blender.

“Door Remote Controller and Opener garage”: remote control of garage.

It can be fun, but not when you received a container full of merchandise with this description is you. It will happen that whoever buys at your shop the article with this description, you answer, what to expect from the inner content of the package?

It may also be in the process of assembling boxes, Chinese employees confuse the parts of the cases, not understanding what is written on them. Or to print the logo in the wrong place, or worse, the print is “upside down”.

Working with Chinese manufacturers, it is best to take the greatest possible control over all processes. If we talk about translation of technical data’s and packaging design, try to see the translation in advance or, if it is some important data, hire a qualified translator and provide to the Chinese factory . Choose yourself the range of colors, font, text layout, position of the label, etc.. Forget the idea that “I have paid for hence the Chinese factory should do it.

The prices offered by Chinese suppliers are actually very low, and because they include a minimum of steps for productions, and quality control is the first to be excluded:

Needless to say, control over the content of the manuals and technical details that accompany our products.

In our vast experience, it is better to give things to Chinese suppliers “on a silver platter” – that is, in finished form. Will be much quicker, more efficient and, most importantly, more reliable. And above all, have someone of confidence at the foot -steps of reviewing the whole process works.

All problems have several solutions, but there is one, suitable for each client.