Presentation Door to China and newsletter

Presentation Door to China and newsletter

Puerta China is an international consulting firm established in China since 1999, that seeks all possible gateways to the future: a tomorrow of greater economic growth, increased trade flows and new dawn in the economic and trade relations with Asia in general and China in particular, through foreign trade. It also has offices in all parts of the world besides in China: Spain, Morocco and Uruguay, making it easier to their clients to contact the firm.

One of the main goals of Puerta China is to channel product offerings and services to its widest destination, to the deepest markets. No one can doubt that when the developed economies are enduring different degree of crisis, China and Asia must assume the role of locomotive of global economy. Increasing the overall activity level may be achieved by the giant pulling of the unmet demand of their growing middle classes. Puerta China facilitates the entrance door for the products and services of our mature markets to the booming Asian markets.

Puerta China also aims to connect consumers in the West, with high quality products and technology that Asia and China produce at competitive costs and vice versa. These consumers can be industrial or commercial, families or individuals.

Another objective of Puerta China is to promote employment, training and business opportunities for those who require them. Our organization is a gateway to a more interrelated, more interconnected, more qualified world , in which the West learn from the East, and as mirrors, Eastern people can also learn from us, Westerner people.

To publicize all these possibilities, we decided to launch a newsletter that we now present under the name “China and Asia 21st Century” Its goal is the same of Puerta China to bring the East closer to the West and the West closer to the East.

The Newsletter will be issued free of charge periodically in Spanish, English, Arabic and Chinese, featuring expert analysis and opinion in economy and trade. “China and Asia 21st Century” will also be released to all our customers, companies, universities, worldwide.

 Presentation Door to China and newsletter

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