Chinese Dream

Chinese Dream

China may be allowed to dream. Hundreds of millions of people are already have middle class incomes. In the horizon looms China’s positioning as the leading economy in the world by size.

These have been glorious days for Chen Sisi, star of a song-and-dance group run by China’s military. For weeks, her ballad “Chinese dream” has been at the top of the folk-song charts. She has performed it on state television against video backdrops of bullet trains, jets taking off from China have newly launched aircraft carrier and bucolic scenery. More than 1.1m fans follow her on Twitter’s Chinese version.chinese dream

 Schools have been organizing Chinese-dream speaking competitions. Some have put up “dream walls” on which students can stick notes describing their visions of the future. The government has selected model dreamers to tour workplaces and inspire others with their achievements. Academics are being urged to offer “Chinese dream” research proposals. Newspapers refer to it more and more. In December, state media and government researchers, based on studies of its usage, declared, “dream” the Chinese character of the year for 2012

China’s new authorities implied that the Chinese dream, in contrast to its American namesake, was about something more than middle-class material comfort. According to Xinhua, the news agency, the Chinese dream “suddenly became a hot topic among commentators at home and abroad”.  Furthermore, as time goes by, the Chinese dream is becoming into a hard reality.



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