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Tips for not failing in doing business with China

Tips for not failingin doing businesswith China

China is not a fashion, one of those caprices of markets that change favorites like clothes. The Asian giant is already the second largest world economy. China is still a developing country with a per capita income of only 3,400 Euros per year. However, the purchasing power of its citizens has multiplied by 92 since the seventies and poverty has decreased from 98% to 37%. The result is that the Chinese middle class is already the largest in the world, fostering the consumption of medium to high quality goods. Therefore, some institutes and business schools offer clues about how not to fail in the attempt to do business in China. Patience, alliances with local partners and knowledge of the complex legislation are some of them. There is no novelty in operations that could go wrong if Western businesspersons ignore economic, legal and cultural factors. Leer más

China launches its own version of the successful Samsung S4 and Iphone

China launches its own version of the successful Samsung S4 and Iphone 5

Who would not like to have a superb Samsung S4 or free Iphone 5, paying between 16% to 20% of the current price at which it is been sold by the big communications companies?

Well, this is what we offer at In the case of Samsung S4, its name is HDC S4 Galaxy i9500. The device features a quadruple-core processor architecture MediaTek MTK6589 , with a Cortex-A7 architecture. It reaches a clock frequency of 1.2 GHz with a 1GB RAM external memory and an internal memory of 8 GB. Its screen, on the other hand, is five inches, and although it is not Full HD, it is high definition reaching 1280 by 720 pixels. Leer más