Canton Fair in China big Opportunity


From October 15th starts which is the largest International trade fair for China in its 114th edition, ( organized twice a year, since in 1957). This show covers all business sectors and accommodates the largest Chinese factories.

Door to offers its customers the unique opportunity to visit and discover the Canton Fair. For this you can request our services here.

With its 1.1 million m2 (similar to 133 football stadiums) and a total of 24,840 Chinese companies exhibiting in three phases (each of which covers a different business sectors) the Canton Fair is a perfect showcase of everything currently manufactured in China. Visitors from over 220 countries of the world.

The show moves into new contracts totaling 36,000 million in the three phases (each phase is five days, and between each phase there is an interval of 3 days to remove and install the new stands).

The fair is held in Guangzhou (capital of Guangdong province) where we have our headquarters. Guangzhou is considered par excellence the most active commercial area of China and has one of the largest infrastructure in transportation, communications and services.

Everything you can imagine can be found manufactured in China (gas pumps, car parts, latest technology, et …) and consequently in the Canton Trade Fair.

feria de canton en china

It is impossible to cover all three pavilions in just five days it takes for each phase. It is important to go to “kick fixed” it is therefore essential to make a prior selection of companies to visit (not everything that looks a stand, in reality turns to be true, there are many intermediaries stand) Hence pays off the limited time available. This screening must be scrutinized between companies of recognized Financial solvency and reliability.

It is also important to acknowledge in writing of any agreements to which they reach with the factory, this way we ensure that we deliver what we really have asked both in quality and in time or else the supplier reimburse the amount paid towards deposit plus 20% penalty prescribed by the laws of China.

We do as guaranto All our staff is fluent in Chinese, English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian, in this way facilitate negotiations with Chinese factories, avoiding possible costly mistakes in negotiations.

From our offices in Guangzhou, we can help you in all matters relating to housing and accommodation, obtaining significant discounts and thereby preventing abuses in price increases that occur on these dates (prices are tripled).

feria de canton en china

Partners of

Once the fair begins terminates perhaps the most important and delicate issue , as could be visiting the factory or office of the Chinese company, monitoring of manufacturing in all matters relating to raw material quality, manufacturing quality standards as required by the buyer’s country, security certificates, security in shipping, etc … for this is very essential to have a local support, they take control throughout the process and knows Chinese laws if necessary to enforce compliance with the agreement, also in the whole process and subsequent orders, it is important to have proper communication where language is not a barrier for increasing profits.

And as in life, it is wise to combine work and fun, and I encourage you and your staff to come with your family or colleagues and take advantage to visit and meet Chinese society, Guangzhou and its famous Cantonese cuisine, Hong Kong (a two hours by Railway, the most modern city in the world, where shopping spree can buy the latest brands at incredible prices)



Phase 1 (15-19th Oct.)

Phase 2 (23-27th Oct.)

Phase 3 (31th Oct.-4th Nov.)

Large Machinery and Equipment Kitchenware & Tableware Men and women’s Clothes
Small Machinery General Ceramics Kid’s wear
Bicycles Art Ceramics Underwear
Motorcycles Home Decorations Spots and Casual Wear
Vehicle Spare Parts Glass Artware Shoes
Chemical Products Furniture Home Textiles
Hardware Weaving, Rattan & Iron Arts Textile Raw Materials & Fabrics
Tools Gardening Products Carpets & Tapestries
Vehicles (Outdoor) Household Items Food
International Pavilion Personal Care Products Native Produce
Household Electrical Appliances Toiletries Medicines and Health Products
Consumer Electronics Toys, Gifts & Premiums Medical Devices
Lighting Equipment Festival Products Disposables and Dressings
Sanitary and Bathroom Equipment Stone & Iron Products (Outdoor) Office Supplies
Construction Machinery (Outdoor) Clocks, Watches & Optical Instruments Fashion Accessories and Fittings
Building and Decorative Materials Cases and Bags
Computer and Communication Products Sports, Travel and Recreation Products
Electronic and Electrical Products Furs, Leather, Downs & Related Products



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